Don’t stop walking just because lockdown is over!

Lockdown Walk, Warwick

One of the few good things to happen as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown was the number of people who were out walking. It was one of the few allowances that the UK government made as part of their ‘Stay Home’ message. Even during the worst of the crisis, people were allowed to go out once a day, for up to an hour, walking in their local area, and many people made the most of it.

So why did the government make this allowance? The government knew the sacrifices they were asking the British public to make and that this would have a huge impact on people mentally. They also know the benefits that walking can have, not just on people’s physical health, but also their mental health.

For many the daily walk became something they looked forward too. A chance to get out from the confined spaces of their homes, get some fresh air and enjoy being outdoors. Thankfully, the weather was also beautiful which provided extra incentive for people to get out walking. For those of us with gardens we still had access to fresh air, but for those with no outside space, such as those living in apartments or flats, it really became a lifeline.

Lockdown may have eased but walking is still available to you every day. In fact, as our lives return to normal with work, school and the day to day busyness, it’s just as important to carve out time to experience the benefits and pleasures that can come from walking as it was during lockdown. 

If you went out for walks during lockdown, you’ve experienced some of the benefits that walking can provide. It gets you moving physically, is free and everyone in the family can do it. It’s a great way to get fresh air, see new things and clear your head. Think about your walks during lockdown. How did they make you feel? What things did you see, hear and smell?

As life gets busier you may find it harder to find the time for walking, but I urge you to continue to make it part of your day. The benefits of daily walking are well documented, and I guarantee you will reap the benefits from a regular walking habit.

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